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Neuropsychology Services

The services of a neuropsychologist may be useful to you if you are experiencing problems with your typical daily activities like work or caring for yourself. Problems may be related to poor attention or various medical conditions, including, but not limited to, traumatic brain injury, loss of consciousness, stroke, substance dependence or overdose, diabetes, seizure disorder, chronic mental illness, or noticeable personality change. There are many other conditions that can also have an effect on thinking, memory, and general ability to do daily activities. This effect is especially important to evaluate if it represents a change from previous functioning. A neuropsychological evaluation involves testing that is sensitive to problems in brain functioning that also affect behavior. Neuropsychological testing examines how well the brain is working when it performs certain functions, like remembering and learning new things. Please go to NAN for more detailed information about the specifics of testing. The evaluation may help to identify specific problems with brain functioning; form a diagnosis; define thinking skills, strengths, and weaknesses; and guide treatment for personal, educational or vocational needs. Other advantages of doing an evaluation include documentation of possible changes in functioning over time, provision of relevant recommendations, and possible neurocognitive retraining and/or therapy.